Automatic Potato french fry cutter

Heavy duty french fry cutter, Commercial, Automatic, Stainless steel, Safety sensor

The world's only automatic French fries cutter machine

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French Fry Cutter Features

commercial french fry cutter

Automatic sensing device, Automatic cutting, High efficient

Safety sensor device, High safety.

Widely used in restaurant, kitchen, school, individual operator.

potato fries cutter video

Multiple blades, durable.

Very Strong, Easy to cut Sweet potato.

For potatoes, carrots, cucumber stick, taro and other root vegetables.

Cutter Machine Advantages

Automatic cutting

Most fries cutting machines on the market are manual type, which is laborious and not suitable for commercial use, our product is an electronic cutting machine, its fast cutting operation can satisfy your home and commercial needs.

Automatic sensing device, Safety Sensor

With two automatic sensors, one is for detecting the object to be cut, another is for detecting hand or body, while hand or body entering the cutting area, it can automatically stop cutting to ensure safe.

Interchangeable Blades

Include 3 sets of Heavy Duty Blades with different hole size, 6mm, 9mm,, 13mm, capable of meeting your various kinds of cutting size requires.

Suitable for a variety of vegetables

potatoes, carrots, cucumber stick, taro and other root vegetables.

Very strong, even for sweet potatoes, it is easy to cut.

If you’re still use manual cuter by hand, this electric french fry machine is the best choice for you!

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